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About me
My job is my passion

My name is Andrea Lecca and I live in Arbus, a town known for the tradition of the Sardinian knife.

I loved the creation of handcrafted knives, and I made my first knife when I was just 12 following the advice of the skilled artisans of the time.
Today I make knives in my artisan workshop, which is located next to my house, in the best tradition of “home and shop”

I make my knives with two distinct manufacturing structures:
– monolithic that is with the handle formed by a single block of horn or wood material
– animated or with the handle formed by two material grips and separated by a metal core or bow, also in horn or wood

The shapes of the blade are that of the classic variants of my land:
– Arburesa with the wide blade
– Pattadese with the narrow blade
– Lametta that is without point.

There are many variations starting from the shape up to more complex processes involving inlays, sculptures or damask blades.

About 30 years have passed since the creation of my first knife, but that passion and desire to keep alive a centuries-old tradition in me is as strong today as it was then.
Because my job is my passion


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