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Monolithic ram bone handle and double ferrule


Foldaway knife, made according to the ancient Sardinian tradition. The clamps are made of brass and the front one is covered with a second stainless steel clamp that makes it sturdy and beautiful to look at. The blade is in 2.5 mm MA5M with heat treatment carried out following the reference technical data sheets. The handle is made of ram horn (which can be light dark or striped according to availability), or in olive or juniper wood.

This knife is sold with a tailored bag and certificate of guarantee.

Also, if you want, you can customize your knife by engraving the name on the blade


All the blades of my knives are built in 2.5 mm MA5M stainless steel, stainless steel bands.

Additional information

Structure of the Knife

Arburese, Lametta, Shepherd

Blade length

10 Cm, 10,5 Cm, 11 Cm

Your name engraved on the blade - 5€


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