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It takes its name from its specific use, the artisans of the past have in fact given life to a type of knife produced today by hand and industrially, in many countries especially in Sardinia.

Coltello Pattadese

Its main feature is the shape of the fairly narrow blade which made it and makes it suitable even today in pastoralism, in fact it is also called a scanno knife. Today it is used both as a work tool but above all as an indispensable object for cutting, for example, cured meats, cheeses or meat in the home.

This knife is customized by each craftsman with variations related for example to the handle and its shape, which can be made with many materials but mainly in whole ram’s horn or separated by a steel bow or to the blade that can also be made in damask

This makes each knife a unique piece of its kind that many consider precious enough to make it a real collector’s item.

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